fig367/dunravin2002 – Abusive Bluster

Personally, I believe these messages are a collaboration between at least two individuals.   I believe that  fig367  and  dublinswitch  collaborated together to create this message.   At any rate, the accuracy of what I believe, based on the evidence I have, remains unchallenged.

    (unless you count “It’s not me!   I haz IP addrezzzzz!!!111” as a challenge)

Warning  –  You may find these words disturbing.   You have been warned.
Subject:   Far from over…
Date:   25 February 2009 17:58:02 GMT
To:   Lubyanka
“There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

Lubyanka it looks like you’ve completely lost the plot.   When you bring someone’s newborn baby into an argument and insinuate that he is not doing his job as a father, that is totally unacceptable and fighting from the gutter. SHAME ON YOU.

Open your eyes and face some hard facts.   You have willfully thrown out false allegations with no supporting evidence, no proof of any kind.   The burden of proof lies with you – the accuser.   That is a basic tenet of justice.   I challenge you to provide just one fact in support of your claim.   However, seeing as you’re unable or unwilling to do just that I find myself in the unusual position of proving that I am not someone else.   Specifically Fig367.   You probably wondering why you haven’t heard from him recently.   I’m given to understand that he is away taking a well deserved break and is far far far away from panicking.   Far.   Away.

I have no idea what you’re on about on re the anonymous browsing service.   Maybe people don’t like being tracked on your blog.   It could very well be Fig367.   It could be any one of 5 billion people on the planet.   (More likely it is one of the 150  (average)  people who visit your blog.   Not 300 by the way.   Page loads don’t count.   Unique visitors do.)   You don’t know who it is.   That’s the whole point of an anonymous service.   But again, not knowing something doesn’t prevent you from attacking Fig367 without evidence once more.   You still don’t get it do you?   You’re attacking the wrong person entirely.   It’s very possible that Fig367 isn’t even listening to you right now.

So you’re fond of stats and numbers?   Well you’re going to love this exercise.   Check my ip address from the headers on this email.   Compare it with the ip address on the other email I sent to your blog.   You can even cross reference with my post to BDSM-Ireland last Friday.   You will find they are the same.   Fact.   It’s a nine digit number that begins with 8 and ends with 9.   Fact.   I’ll provide it at the end of this email.   Also notice the timezone.   Greenwich Mean Time.   GMT.   Another fact.   So what does that prove you may ask?   Nothing much really except that my mails were sent from here in Ireland which is not surprising seeing as I live here.   You might not realise the relevance of such facts right now but you will in time.   When the penny eventually drops you’ll realise (with great clarity) just how foolish you’ve been on this.

What I wouldn’t give to be around to see your face at that very moment   :)

What’s more, I am genuinely prepared to confirm to you over the phone that you’ve made an epic blunder.   Name a time to suit at your convenience and I’ll delighted to speak with you in person.   Is the truth worth the price of a phone call?   Front up or ‘shut the fuck up’ as you put it.   Bringing someone’s newborn baby into this is as low as you can go.   I’ll have a few choice words to say to you.   You really are a class act all round.

Even those hard facts might not be enough to counter your delusion and paranoia. It’s clear that you’ve gone so far over the top in falsely attacking Fig367 that to accept you are wrong in this episode would present an appalling vista from your point of view.   I can’t blame you.   You so wanted to believe that it was Fig you were conversing with as it fits so well with your grand conspiracy theory.   You might still perpetuate your lies because you’ll have no alternative.   I wouldn’t put that past you.   Be advised that I will be forwarding this message to certain other parties.   They will know at least

a) the full text of what I’m saying and not miss the bits you edit out on your blog despite me asking you not to.

b) The ip address from where I’ve sent you stuff over the past weeks is in Ireland. Bear that in mind. It’s important.

c) I am willing to speak with you on the phone to prove once and for all that I am not Fig367.

Maybe you should know what my goal all along was.   To expose you through your own words and actions as a dangerous unstable person who causes strife and argument wherever you go.   And also a supreme hypocrite.   The truth will out eventually Lubyanka and you will have to live with the consequences.

Face facts.   Open your eyes.   Do the right thing.   Mail me back so as to arrange our illuminating chat.   Can’t wait to talk to you.
So wrong   :)
Tuesday, 17 February, 2009 7:10 PM
From dun ravin Tue Feb 17 19:10:38 2009
from [] by via HTTP; Tue, 17 Feb 2009 19:10:38 GMT
Tue, 17 Feb 2009 19:10:38 +0000 (GMT)
dun ravin <>
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So wrong :)
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