Moderator Busyness

The moderators have been quite busy lately, apparently.

For one thing, two previously inactive moderators have suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

I’m noticing a pattern from this individual  –  if there is an issue, impose silence.   So apparently, discussion amongst members about group matters  in the group  is a no-go area if moderators happen to say so.

Good thing I’ve got this blog, then.   :)

The Inactive Moderators

Of the “nearly twelve moderators” whom  fig367/dunravin2002  claimed are cooperatively moderating the bdsmireland yahoo group, one is no longer a moderator as of today, one has  reappeared today  after being inactive for three years, and four others remain inactive.   That leaves just  seven  active moderators.

    (which is still way short of “nearly twelve”)

For general background, here is a summary of the four  (two are the same person)  inactive bdsmireland moderators.

And as I have mentioned above, today there has been some reorganisation of the moderating structure.   To wit:  

    As of 6 March,  dublinswitch  is no longer a bdsmireland moderator.

I think that the actual reason why he is no longer a moderator is likely to be hushed up.   If he or anybody else  does  give a reason, I think it will likely be either something innocuous, like he got too busy or something, or he may be scapegoated for something.  

Based on my past experience with this group, I am not expecting any of them to tell the naked complete truth.

For Those Whom They Ask To Be Moderators

Right now I am noticing two main points to consider for any person who is considering accepting an invitation to join the bdsmireland moderatey teamliness.

  1. It might be worth noting that when moderators choose to implement decisions which enforce member silence, such as having to manually approve nearly every post or edit selected blog links, these choices are directly responsible for increasing moderator tedium and time investment.   Since moderators have voluntarily and willingly chosen these tasks, they can also choose to reduce them at any time.   Yet the choices they make most usually tend to  increase  their workload.

  3. In my life, I have friends whom some of my friends don’t like, and some of my friends have friends  I  don’t like, and I’m fine with that.   From what I’ve seen in this group, moderators have a history of pressuring each other and their friends to take sides.   I have recently been on the receiving end of this.

So if you are a member of bdsmireland, and the moderators extend an invitation to you or one of your friends to join their moderatey teamliness, you may wish to keep these things in mind:

  • you may feel pressured to increase your moderatey workload in ways you may not agree with
  • you may feel pressured to drop friends you might really want to keep

    About Lady Lubyanka

    I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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