Spiral And Tiger – Deleted Scenes

And again, with the verbosity and having to cut stuff out which I couldn’t bear to throw away.

So here you go.   :)

But First, Some Packaging Strangeness

Max Passion and LoveHoney boxes – front I thought the packaging was worth mentioning, because there were several weird elements about it which struck me as noteworthy.

  1. The retailer from whom I sourced my dongy goodness advertises Spiral as made by a company called “Love Labs”, but the only branding anywhere on the packaging was “Max Passion®”.
  2. I can’t find anything resembling a home website for “Max Passion®”.
  3. Max Passion and LoveHoney - identical polystyrene box inserts - frontThe retailer’s advertised product name  (Spiral Massage Glass Dildo)  is entirely absent from the packaging  –  the box identifies the contents simply as a generic “ROCK-HARD DILDO”.

  4. One of the other glass dildos I got  (which I’m not otherwise going to describe)  came in “LoveHoney®” branded packaging, and indeed was advertised on their site as being a LoveHoney® branded item.   Aside from the branding, the “LoveHoney®” branded packaging was nearly identical to the “Max Passion®” branded packaging –
    • Max Passion and LoveHoney boxes - close up of the back copynearly identical size and shape boxes
    • identical external and internal packaging materials
    • identical polystyrene forms inside
    • similar text copy
    • very similar generic contents label
    • extremely similar warning notices
    • both were made in China
    • both came with an identical velvet bag tucked away identically inside the box in the same place.

  5. Max Passion and LoveHoney box ends - identical warning text A web search for ‘”Max Passion” dildo’ turns up a lot of online retailers selling “Max Passion®” branded merchandise, including the same glass dongs I got as well as others identical to those sold under the “Lovehoney®” and “Love Labs™” branding on Lovehoney’s retail website.
  6. The model number on the LoveHoney glass dong is the same model number as an identical glass dong under the “Max Passion®” branding offered for sale on other sites.   (I’m not linking to it, so you’ll just have to work it out yourself if you want to un-surprise the surprise)   :)
  7. Are Love Labs, LoveHoney, and Max Passion all the same company?   Frankly, I don’t have the energy or the interest to research this any more, but I do feel kind of misled when products advertised under one branding turn up packaged as another.

Max Passion and LoveHoney boxes - back Max Passion and LoveHoney - identical velvet bag recesses - back Max Passion box label - model number and country of origin LoveHoney box label - model number and country of origin Max Passion and LoveHoney box sides - similar vague product descriptions
Click images for a larger view.  In the order they appear, the images are

  • Both boxes back view
  • Identical polystyrene recesses for identical velvet bags
  • Max Passion label of origin
  • LoveHoney label of origin
  • Both boxes side view

And now, some General Rantness.

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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6 Responses to Spiral And Tiger – Deleted Scenes

  1. Paul says:

    Lady Lubyanka,

    You were merely victimized by the commerce model of Factory produces product, sells product to vendor/middleman, middleman puts his sticker on it and marks it up to make his cut. Generally lumped in ‘OEM manufacturing’, which is misused and confusing, so waste no time on it. Very common in clothing, processed food, appliances, etc. In the end, the only comparable is the price, since all of your guys are selling the exact same product. One more reason to celebrate the Fun Factory crew, who are clearly doing it all. And nicely. BTW, please, please a picture of Tiger in harness (gotta look amazing). With corset, of course.

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  3. Maxine says:

    I know just what you mean about red cocks – I got myself a feeldoe ‘more’ at the end of last year, which I’m utterly in love with. I put it on and just wanted to ram it in anything that would let me. I guess maybe this is what teenage boys go through! :)

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