A Spleeny Announcement

Well, it looks like the two-year anniversary of my blog came and went on 20 April without anybody noticing, including me.

Oh well.

I never envisioned any kind of time frame when I started blogging.   I suppose I thought at the time  (and still think)  that I’ll blog til I don’t want to anymore, and then I’ll stop.   I’m sure this is because of my commitment issues, with, you know, committing to anything.

    So I’ve already been blogging for two years.   Gosh, and  yay!

I had already been embroiled in the throes  (well, maybe a throe and a half)  of a new project when I noticed that the two year milestone had already slipped right under my Jewish schnozz, without even a wave or a peep or anything.  

Still, I thought it was quite fitting that my new project was evolving around this timely landmark.

The Announcement

Because I’ve been so tangled up in my new project, I haven’t been posting here for awhile.   So I know that this announcement will be especially welcomed by those who have missed my updates here in blogland.   Now, the announcement I’m about to make isn’t actually to do with my two-year bloggy anniversary or anything.   Nevertheless, it’s a funky cool time to be making  (what I think is)  a funky cool announcement.   :)

Perhaps the best way to do this is just to show you.

    And this is the headquarters for my brand spanking new spleencast!

      Yes indeed, I have ventured into the world of bloggy audio, and …
      I have now become a spleencaster!

I’ve done all of it myself, the art, the music, everything.   As you might imagine, a lot of this stuff is still work in progress, so I’m sure you’ll understand that my first offering isn’t just the super duper bestest spleencast ever.

    That’s why I called it  The Spleen Test.

If you’re curious about how to publish podcasts on wordpress.com, I published a brief guide over at Spleencast Central outlining how I did it.

And Now – Some Subscribey Buttons

These are the spleencast-friendly Feedburner RSS feeds to zoom your spleencasts straight into your spleencatcher! :)

  • Audio-only mp3           • Enhanced m4a
This is the RSS feed trail leading to spleencasty enjoyment in mp3 format.     This is the RSS feed trail leading to spleencasty enjoyment in the enhanced iTunes-compatible m4a format.
    – For all podcatchers.         – For iTunes software.
                                                              – with text, images, links.


• Both formats               • Via iTunes
If you already have a default RSS newsreader or podcatcher configured, then clicking here should launch it and automagically subscribe you to spleencasty goodness.     If you already have iTunes software installed, just click here to enjoy spleencasts in the enhanced format via the iTunes Music Store.
      – All audio releases.             – iTunes subscribathon.

Easy spleencatching steps:

  • Right click on subscribey button
  • Select “Copy Link”
  • Open podcatcher of choice
  • Paste link into subscribe-to-podcast
  • Enjoy spleencasts

Welcome to the Spleen Zone.   Happy listening.   :)

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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