Update 14 – fig367/dunravin2002

In addition to a friend telling me about some stuff that somebody was up to today, I received an email notification this evening about a blog review.   This alerted me to the fact that a message had apparently been sent to me which I knew nothing about.   When I checked my spam folder in gmail, I found a message from  fig367/dunravin2002,  which had been sitting there since 25 February.   In this message, amongst other things,  fig367/dunravin2002  offers one way to identify himself to me as a unique individual.

I’m delighted to have this chance to move towards either a retraction or a vindication.   Frankly, I don’t care which it is, so long as the issue is finally done and dusted.

My Mistakingness

In one of the many bitter nastinesses  fig367/dunravin2002  hurls at me in his recent message, he complains that I hadn’t reproduced his original messages in full as he had explicitly specified in his consent to publish.   At first I wrote that off as just another bit of irrelevant fluff next to all the other bits of irrelevant fluff in his messages, because I knew I  had  published them in full, even if I hadn’t made the link to them very noticeable from the original sock puppet update post.  

However, during the construction of this post, I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before.   Although the page was prepared and ready to go, and although I could view this page from the link I’d made because I was logged into my blog, I now see that being logged in failed to alert me to the fact that I somehow hadn’t ever hit the  Publish  button.

I have now rectified that error which was totally my own responsibility, and acknowledge that  fig367/dunravin2002  was correct in this one detail.   I do apologise for this, and will ensure to hit the  Publish  button this time so that the link to his original dysfunctional rampage in this case will work correctly.

Today  (as I meant to before),  I have reproduced the abusive bluster in full, with these few modifications:

  • I have edited out the “Subject” text of the header information
  • I have removed my email address because of spam harvesting
  • I have added HTML tags to preserve the original formatting

That was the sum total of my editing.
Update  –  19 March   –   Whilst leaving the original message text exactly as I received it, I have added some pertinent links to the message with some explainey tooltip thingys.   To see the tooltips, hover your cursor over the links.  
(end update)

Disturbing Crap

If you really have more than your share of boredom in your life, along with about half an hour which you don’t care about ever getting back, then you can view the abusive bluster in its entirety, as well as the previous complete dysfunctional rampage which I linked to earlier at the bottom of the original sock puppet update post.

    Please be advised  –  These make for quite disturbing reading, and anybody feeling less than 100% delighted with their lot may possibly prefer to give them a miss.


Some IP Drivelment

Liberally scattered in amongst his vitriol,  fig367/dunravin2002  includes many assertions of his unique identity, the bulk of which are based on his IP address information.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that when I did a search on the web for “IP masking”, the first link I got contained a lot of information on how to do this easily.   So if that is the sole basis for his claim, I don’t know about you, but I’m not impressed.

Furthermore,  fig367/dunravin2002  offers to identify himself by phone.   Aside from having no wish to exchange any phone numbers, and aside from being entirely disinterested in spending time on the phone with a person who thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to address me as he has done in his messages, this also fails to impress me.   This is mostly because being on the end of a phone is still quite a remote place to hide  (even if it’s less remote than the intartoobz),  and also because anybody can be at the end of a phone.

I include an alternative proposal in my message to  fig367/dunravin2002  below.

fing367/dunravin2002, This Is Your Big Chance


I welcome an opportunity for you to demonstrate your unique individuality to me.   However, the phone approach doesn’t work for me, because

  1. I will not exchange phone numbers with you under any circumstances.
  2. I will not speak with you on the phone under any circumstances.

However, I am  fully  prepared to meet with you  in person,  in a well populated public place in Dublin city centre, in daylight, at a time and place of our mutual convenience.

If this is agreeable to you, please contact me indicating possible places and times.   Also please indicate any specific logistical requirements you have, such as accessibility and so on.

Please be aware that I will be accompanied by a number of friends.

Please note that  any  further abuse from you with be most unwelcome, and will be taken as a show of bad faith.
I look forward to hearing from you.

ps:   I can’t help it that your message went to my spam folder.   I wish it hadn’t.   You could have checked to see if I’d received it.

Appeal – Does Anybody Know dunravin2002?

If there is anybody out there who is personally acquainted with  dunravin2002  as a unique individual, I would be very grateful if you could contact me at
LubyankaBlog   (at)   gmail   (dot)   com
to reassure me that I’m not putting myself at risk from a complete loon.

This would be especially helpful if I know you, or if I know somebody you know, so I can verify your identity as I am trying to verify  dunravin2002‘s.  

I know that we must know  somebody  in common.   The Irish BDSM world isn’t  that  big.  

I know you haven’t contacted me about this before, but if by any chance you do know him, now would be a splendiforous time to help me out here.   Please?

Thank you.

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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