Observations About Subspace


Preamble The Second

This is the second of three posts about subspace.

The previous one covers my rather intense experience when I encountered subspace for the first time, and the next one covers my more technical  (though still not very technical)  observations about the physiological and neurological mechanisms of subspace.

This post includes my personal observations of my submissive partners’ experiences of subspace with me, their reports to me of their experiences with subspace, and the conclusions I’ve drawn from observing their experiences of subspace.

This post also contains the links I mentioned in my earlier post, which were forbidden from posting in the yahoo group.

I promise that they are all safe  (although perhaps not quite safe for work),  and have no anthrax or face stabbage in them of any kind whatsoever.

Ok?   :)

My Observations About Subspace

When I observe my submissive partners going into subspace, they exhibit traits which I put broadly into two categories, physical, and emotional.   These two traits may appear together or separately in varying degrees, but each is always accompanied by at least a hint of the other.


The Physical

The physical trait I observe the most in subspace manifests as something I often refer to as “stoned”, because they seem totally intoxicated, high  (possibly on endorphines and/or endocannabinoid neurotransmitters),  and euphoric.   My kvetch often refers to this feeling as “buzzing”.   Sometimes when I try to speak to him when he’s in this state, the most he can bring himself to say (if he can speak at all) is something like:

    “kvetch isn’t here right now, please leave a message”.

That always makes me smile.   :)

Also, my submissive partners consistently experience desensitisation to stimulation, and relief from any pain they may have had prior to the scene or incurred during the scene.   Whilst they still feel everything, even something as subtle as trailing a single hair across their skin, in this state they consistently prefer stimulation which involves more intensity, and have a much higher pain threshold.

The Emotional

One of the emotional traits I notice the most in subspace is my submissive partners’ increasing focus on me to the exclusion of all else.   This total and sole focus on me seems to become overwhelming, including a  (more than usual)  desire to serve and please me as their sole interest at that moment.   This can often include offering  (and indeed begging to be permitted)  to do things which had previously been expressed as hard limits.

I feel that it’s extremely important for me to maintain a clear awareness of which limits I am being asked to transgress at those times, so that I may maintain the limits on my partner’s behalf.

Another characteristic of this emotional side of subspace, is that any sexual inhibitions which the submissive had before will be completely gone during the time they’re in this state.   The pleasure they take in their own desires would appear to be completely guilt free and easy for the length of time in which they inhabit subspace.

To me, this looks like some kind of reduced sense of self in which their whole identity and experience feels wrapped up in me, and my pleasure in and of itself gives them enormous pleasure too.

Like, really enormous pleasure.

Is Subspace A Trance State?

As for whether subspace is like being in a trance state, I feel pretty confident that subspace is an altered state of consciousness which shares some characteristics with trance states.   In my opinion subspace qualifies as one variant of many different trance states.

So my short answer is, yes, subspace is a kind of trance state.

I also feel pretty sure that the chemical rush experienced by the brain and the body in subspace feels rather more intense and pleasurable than most trance states, even some of the deeper ones.

I have put kvetch into both subspace and non-erotic trance states, and he agrees with me that subspace is  by far  the more intense of the two.

The Links

These are some sort of technical-ish descriptions of subspace, both of which are fairly easy to read.

These are some descriptions written by private individual submissives about their own experiences of subspace.

All those links together match my own observations of subspace.

And now  –  The Science!   :)

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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