Experiences In Chastity – Episode 1: Fitting, Wearing, and Keyholding.

Three months ago, I wrote this post about embarking on the wonderful world of chastity with my submissive (more commonly known as my “serf”) kvetch.

Due to one thing or another, the first time we managed to actually get kvetch into his cage was Saturday, 22 December, 2007, three months on from the original purchase.

I had previously agreed to allow kvetch to have the weekend mostly free from his usual obligations to serve me, so he could take the opportunity to accomplish some overdue tasks. But after an email from a friend asking how we were getting on with our device, I felt suddenly fed up. I’d been waiting for months for kvetch to get back to me with details of a time he was prepared to devote to experimenting with our chastity device, and he persistently hadn’t, even after several reminders from me. So, on Saturday I put my foot down and suggested firmly to kvetch that we spend some time on getting him into the Curve and tweaking the fit over the day. He consented to this (with quite a bit of excitement) and we finally (finally!) took out the box of assorted chastity accoutrements, which included the device itself.

The Big Fat Box Of Chastity Accoutrements For Kvetch:

The things I’d assembled into the box of assorted chastity accoutrements as a result of my research into the topic (in no particular order) are:

  • The Curve chastity cage
  • Assorted Curve Accoutrements:
    • Two spare different length locking pins which came with the Curve
    • Spare different sized hinged rings which came with the Curve
    • Spare different sized spacers which came with the Curve
    • Some washers I found to do the job of thinner spacers
  • Assorted Curve Accessories:
    • Points Of Intrigue: Combination anti-erection device, anti-pull-out device and spacer
    • KSD G2: Combination anti erection device, anti pull-out device, and spacer
    • Plastic numbered locks: For using in airports, and/or for when I’m not with kvetch and he needs to get the device off in a hurry
  • Personal Care and Fitting Accessories and to assist with getting into the device:
    • Lubrication and Skincare:
    • Covering The Hinge and Rivet – Skin Protection:
    • For Fitting the Cage:
      • Nylon tights: Cut in lengths, slip one end over the shaft of the penis, the other end out the end of the cage at the centre, and pull gently, use to get kvetch into the Curve

        I got a 3 pack of 15 denier tights from Dunnes for €3, but it’s perfectly ok to use any tights as long as they’re reasonably sheer, probably not much thicker than 25 denier


Stuff We Didn’t Use (Yet)

Out of all those things I got as a result of my research, the only things we didn’t use (but still could have used, and still might possibly use) were:

  • The spare hinged rings sizes 3-5
  • The longest length locking pin
  • The washers
  • The surgical tape
  • The toe protectors

And the only thing I didn’t get that we could really have done with, was a squeezy ball thingy like a turkey baster (also known as a rectal bulb syringe) for cleaning and flushing kvetch’s penis with water whilst in the Curve, after urination and during his ablutions.

    Squeezy ball rectal syringe thingy
    Squeezy ball turkey baster rectal syringe thingy.
    Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

So I felt pretty spiffy about the research I’d done and the accuracy and effectiveness of the information I’d gleaned.

Yay me, I rock. :D

Stuffing Kvetch Into The Curve

The first and only time we’d made any attempt to smoosh kvetch into the Curve (and didn’t completely succeed on that occasion back in early October), we found that the size 1 ring seemed a little bit large. So today, I initially, put kvetch into the size 2 hinged ring on its own without the cage. I’d read somewhere that putting the ring on first, for at least 15 minutes to an hour prior to attaching the cage, can help prevent or reduce testicular soreness during wear.

So I put kvetch into the number 2 ring, and we went and made fried potatoes and sausages with gravy for breakfast. (Yum) After breakfast, we proceeded to fit the cage part of the device to the number 2 ring.

First thing, I got kvetch to generously apply cocoa butter to his scrotal area. Then I cut about a centimetre wide strip off the end of the moleskin padding, took off the protective backing, stuck the adhesive side to the rivet on the hinge of the ring and wound it round. It was slightly stretchy, a good material for this I thought, but it got wet later when kvetch washed it after removal, and it took ages to dry, so it may not be the best material to use.

I’ll report back later on this, and on any other materials we try for this purpose.

The locking pin we started off with was the middle length one.

I fitted the size 2 cock and ball ring, threaded the middle length locking pin through the hole, and then we went to prepare and eat breakfast. The time was approximately 12 noon.

An hour later, around 13:00, after preparing and eating breakfast, we fitted the cage portion of the device.

I cut about a 20 centimetre length off the foot of one of the pairs of tights. Then kvetch lubricated his penis and the inside of the cage with the baby oil gel. He became erect at that time and we had to wait til he got soft again.

I understand this is a common problem. ;)

When he got soft, I threaded the cut off foot of the tights through the cage, and asked kvetch to hold onto the end coming out of the cage, to keep it from coming out. I opened the end of the stocking and put it round his penis. Gently, I pulled the stocking through the cage, bringing his penis into the cage with it.

This worked a treat. :)

As this was the first time we were properly putting the cage on, I did not include the KSD G2, or a Point Of Intrigue. I also forgot to include any spacer.

Oh well.

I put the middle length locking pin through, and locked it. All of this got kvetch rather excited, and we couldn’t initially get the stocking off, so we left it for the time being.

Once I realised I’d forgotten a spacer, and not knowing yet that I didn’t have to remove the entire thing to fit one, I took it off, and fitted the largest spacer.

We tried to get the cage back on again, but we were having trouble, and I noticed that the stocking will have taken most of the lubricant with it the first time we’d put on the cage.

So I took the cage off again, got kvetch to lubricate his penis and the inside of the cage again, waited for him to lose his subsequent erection, and re-fitted the cage, locking it securely.

    Kvetch in his chastity device

Then kvetch went over to the computer to continue going through and organising his porn collection.

Checkage And Tweakness As We Went Along

Later on, when I checked to see how the thing was fitting, I saw that the middle length locking pin was too long for the largest spacer. This time, I worked out how to change the spacer and locking pin without removing the whole cage. So I slid the locking pin out the back, took out the largest spacer, put in the next largest spacer, slid the shortest locking pin through the back, threaded the cage onto it, and locked it.

The lock did not quite swing freely, but I expected over time to put a smaller spacer in.

And then kvetch went back to organising his porn collection. :)

The First Ache

A few hours later, kvetch reported that his right testicle was beginning to ache. His penis hangs naturally to the left, and I was suspecting that this was contributing to the ache in his right testicle.

Around 17:00, approximately five hours after I’d originally fitted the cock and ball ring around kvetch’s testicles and penis, kvetch mentioned that both of his testicles were aching increasingly unbearably, and requested that we remove the Curve. I thought that sounded like a good idea, so we took off the cage, and then ever so carefully removed the cock and ball ring (to kvetch’s deepest relief).

Then kvetch had a nap, and slept soundly for about four hours.

On waking, his testicles retained a residual ache, but the overall pain situation was much improved. I resolved to use the size 1 ring next time, to see if this could help kvetch achieve a longer wearing time.

Experiments With The Size 1 Ring

Later on in the evening, after kvetch’s nap, and after having dinner and watching a film, and kvetch’s testicles feeling all right, I put kvetch into the size 1 ring at around 01:30. It was too late and we were too tired to groom the pubic hair at that stage, so I simply got him to apply generous amounts of cocoa butter again, wrapped some moleskin around the hinge rivet, got him into the largest ring, and slid the shortest locking pin through to close it. I didn’t fit the cage, just the size 1 ring.

Then we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, kvetch’s testicles were still pain free, and the key to the lock was still hanging round my neck. :)

He continued wearing the ring through preparing breakfast. At 14:30, he was still wearing it comfortably.

We took the ring off to shower at around 15:30 or so.

Second Attempt At Lockage

At 19:40ish, we put the size 1 ring back on kvetch, with the third biggest spacer (spacers getting progressively smaller), and fitted the cage. Each time we do this it gets easier and quicker. With his clipped pubic hair, I thought it all looked quite smart. :)

And the more I see kvetch in the cage, the more I think that the Curve was the right choice to make, as most of the time kvetch very nearly fills the cage.

At his smallest and coldest, when standing up, there is maximum of about 2 centimetres’ clearance from the end of his cock to the end of the cage.

Before he went to sleep, I fiddled with the locking pin and spacers, and the combination I ended up with was the smallest spacer in between the ring and the cage, threaded on the middle length locking pin, with the next two spacers filling the gap between the locking hole and the cage, ensuring the lock kept the cage tight against the inner spacer.

Awkwardly, there is not enough room for the spacers to fit flush against the vertical surface at the front where the locking pin enters the gap between the ring and the cage. The shape of the cage at the front does not have enough room underneath the locking pin for the spacers to move right up tight against that vertical surface. But I think I’ve got it fitting as well as it can fit with the smallest spacer in between the cage and the ring.

Kvetch reported that it all felt very comfortable like that, the only difference being that the device felt more snug than before at the base of the shaft of his penis.

After making sure kvetch had a pillow between his legs for supporting the device, he slept in it. :)

At 06:30 or so, kvetch reported some soreness in his right testicle. Applying cocoa butter didn’t help, so at 06:40, 11 hours after fitting the Curve for the second time, I removed it.

I thought that 11 hours was an excellent effort for a second attempt.

Well done, kvetch. :)

Thirdness Attemptage At Lockageness: Out And About For The First Time

At 09:50, I locked kvetch up again in preparation for going out to show his face at work, have breakfast in the canteen, and then on to final holiday shopping. In jeans, the bulge was almost unnoticeable.

    Kvetch demonstrating that the Curve chastity cage is hardly visible in his jeans
    As you can see, the Curve is hardly noticeable on kvetch in jeans.

New difficulties which manifested themselves arose when kvetch tried to lift one foot to put on his shoes. It seems that his movement in the device is restricted in jeans when he tries to separate his legs front to back (as opposed to out to the side). Bending over in his chair to put his shoes on with both feet remaining on the floor was possible.

As we went about our day, kvetch noticed the restricted movement also was evident whilst using stairs, with the same problem as with putting on his shoes. It would seem that roomier trousers would be useful.

This is a shame, cos he really does look quite alluring in jeans, especially in the bum department :D

During our shopping trip we managed to pick up some water resistant blister cushions to try on the hinge rivet instead of the adhesive moleskin wrap, which retains moisture when it gets wet. Also, we got a squeezy bulb ear syringe which was the closest I could find to a rectal bulb syringe, for rinsing kvetch out whilst he’s wearing the Curve. So I think our kit is now more or less complete. :)

As the day progressed kvetch felt an increasing ache in his testicles which grew to encompass his belly. He said that the best word he could think of to describe this ache was “sour”.

I think I understood.

At the same time, my period came on with a vengeance. I think we were having sympathetic aches. :p

It was definitely a pleasure to remind kvetch who owns him, to kiss him and lift my knee to feel the device, and to smile into his eyes and say:

“I own that.”


This always got me a huge grin in return. :D

At other times, kvetch would remind me that he was still locked up for me. He’d turn to me with a twinkle in his eye and observe that he was still secure. One time, it took me a moment to work out what he meant, but when I copped on, I couldn’t help smiling a big smile for the longest time.

I may also have bounced a bit. :)

When we returned, it really was necessary to unlock him straight away. I did so, to kvetch’s enormous relief. The time was 15:27, and he’d been in the device for about 5 hours and 40 minutes. The ache eased significantly immediately, but didn’t disappear altogether until later on. The ache in his belly took longer to fade than the ache in his testicles.

I concluded that marathon wearing sessions were less important than giving kvetch adequate recovery time in between wearings.

Chastity Kit

By this stage I had a better idea of what kvetch will need on an ongoing basis as he wears the Curve. So I put together a reasonably compact kit of chastity device accessories which are necessary for fitting and caring for the Curve and kvetch.

The kit is packed up together in a lockable metal box which has a cover on it to make it appear like a book. So now I have two keys, one to the lock on the Curve, and one to the lock on the metal box.

    The chastity kit in the closed box How what looked like a book turns out to be the chastity kit box when the lid is lifted The chastity kit displayed in the open box
    Views of the chastity kit.

The kit of essentials for kvetch’s chastity device wearage contains:

  • Cocoa butter
  • Baby oil gel
  • Adhesive moleskin wrap
  • Water resistant blister cushions for covering the hinge rivet
  • Squeezy bulb syringe for rinsing and general hygiene
  • Spare ring (size 2)
  • Assorted locking pins, spacers and washers
  • Plastic locks
  • KSD G2 and Points Of Intrigue
  • One pair of tights and the piece I cut off from them

The Curve itself doesn’t fit in the box with all the other stuff, but I figure he only really needs the other stuff to be in a compact portable kit if he’s already wearing the device. When he isn’t, he can keep the cage in a bag near the box, and the rest of the components of the Chastity Kit will fit in the box.

Kvetch On Being Locked Up:

The following is a summary of kvetch’s feelings during the initial experience as he reported them to me:

    As we prepared and ate breakfast, I was aware the whole time that I was being prepared for being locked up, and this thought carried me through the preparations and eating of breakfast.

    Mmmmm. I felt a tingly excitement which persisted throughout breakfast preparations and eating.

    After breakfast, I felt increasing excitement, and some trepidation at having a rigid plastic cage being locked round my genitals. I didn’t know if it was going to hurt or cause me any damage. I felt quite excited about being put in a sexual restraint by my dom, and was most definitely aroused by the thought.


    I tried to persuade Lubyanka to leave the room to try to help my erection subside so we could get the cage on, but she didn’t want to go.

I decided not to, because I thought even if he did lose his erection, I felt confident it could come back in a microsecond as soon as I came back in the room. So I remained with him, waiting. :)

    So I blanked my mind until I got soft enough for Lubyanka to make a realistic attempt to fit the cage.

    I very much enjoyed her putting the cage on me. It felt quite nice and quite snug, and it was very difficult trying not to become erect again.

I could see him bulging through the gaps in the Curve. :)

    I felt a little concerned about the bulging, I thought it might affect the blood flow to my penis.

(blood flow was apparently unaffected)

    My pubic hair, which was overdue for a trim, turned out to be a problem.

    Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. and Ow.

    My hair was long enough to interfere and be pulled into the holes with the guide and locking pins, and that hurt!

I have noted this fact for near-future reference, and indeed we took care of that the following day.

    Once the Curve was locked on me for the first time, I found the feeling pleasant, and titillating. I felt more owned than usual. I felt the pleasurable similarity to feeling objectified. When I’m feeling like Lubyanka’s property, I feel safe, cared for, comforted. Having my genitals locked up and the key in her care left me with similar feelings of comfort and safety and being owned.


    Wearing the Curve, I found myself frequently nibbling Lubyanka’s ear and trying to be physically close to her throughout the afternoon, more so than usual. I felt that the pressure to perform sexually had gone, not only because I wouldn’t be allowed to come, but also because I wasn’t going to be physically able to come or to become hard with this rigid plastic cage locked round my bits.

    With that pressure gone, I felt it was less intimidating and more pleasurable to offer service and pleasure to her. I felt much more inclined than usual to cuddle her, since I knew there was no pressure to become erect or to ejaculate. Mmmmmm.

I enjoyed that cuddly part. :)

    I did find it slightly tedious that Lubyanka kept coming over to look at me in my chastity device every several minutes or so, because it really interrupted the flow of what I was doing (which was the long overdue task of sorting through and organising my porn collection). But maybe I did enjoy that a little bit. :)


    Thinking about how my dom was taking and owning my genitals, made me adore her all the more.

    Mmmmm. :)

There was much “mmmmm”age going on on both our parts whilst we were going over this. :D

My Thoughts On Locking Kvetch Up And Being His Keyholder:


    The enjoyment of being kvetchs keyholder
    The pleasure of wearing kvetch’s key around my neck.

My own experiences of being kvetch’s keyholder for the first time kind of surprised me. I didn’t expect to feel so much pleasure from being responsible for locking kvetch’s genitals up. I didn’t expect to feel so much pleasure whilst looking at him in his cage, and knowing I had been freely given the key, to use in any way I chose. I didn’t expect to feel so much pleasure from owning kvetch’s genitals, locking them up, and taking possession of the key. I didn’t expect to feel so much pleasure whilst looking at him in his Curve and thinking, feeling, and knowing:

“I own that.”

Frankly, I didn’t expect to feel so much pleasure just from thinking about it and looking. I was unable to resist taking a lot of pictures. And, uncharacteristically, kvetch was eager to pose for the camera, and was the first to suggest that some pictures be taken.

Kvetch’s response was just as unequivocal as mine. He was extra interested in being physically closer to me, he was extra interested in touching me and arousing me, he was extra aroused by me, and he was extra aroused by being owned by me.

I could tell that he spent a good chunk of the afternoon in a state of arousal. To be honest, I really don’t think his arousal was solely because he was sorting through his porn collection, but I will not exclude that possibility. ;)

Actually, kvetch was periodically calling my attention to specific porn images he came across in his collection which he thought might be of interest to me. Sometimes I liked the images and sometimes I didn’t. But he wasn’t diving into any of this material all by himself, he was most definitely including me in his organisation and enjoyment of the (sometimes) rather tasty smut.

Yay tasty smut. :)

I’m wondering how long it will be before making him stand, sit, or lie there and open his clothes to show me the device on him will be less fascinating to me.

I’m hoping it will take awhile. :)

Taking A Break Over The Holidays

At this point, kvetch has gone to spend a few days with his family over the holiday period. I chose not to go with him, so we will resume his chastity training after he returns.

I’ve found this experience to be very exciting, and it seems to have served as a bonding exercise to bring us closer. Over the last few days, we’ve been getting along extremely well, and felt more pleasure in each other’s company than usual. I think that the increased focus we’ve enjoyed with each other has served to illustrate the strengths in our relationship, and the strengths in the trust I have tried so hard to carefully and meticulously build over the past year.

I felt that the response from kvetch was incredibly warm and affectionate, and there seemed to be much of his giving of himself to me. In turn, I felt warmth and affection for him, and I enjoyed the feelings of tangible pleasures from the benefits of my additional responsibilities for his care and well being whilst I have him in the device.

I feel that this has been an entirely positive experience, and I very much look forward to continuing with it. :)

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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11 Responses to Experiences In Chastity – Episode 1: Fitting, Wearing, and Keyholding.

  1. I found this post absolutely fascinating reading. I don’t know many male subs in RL, and certainly none who’ve worn a device such as The Curve (as far as I know). Your great detailing of your experimentation, as well as kvetch’s point of view, was very interesting indeed.

    Merry Giftmas,

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  3. Hello Dee,

    Gosh, thanks, that’s really kind of you. :) I’m so glad you found the post of interest, that’s quite reassuring, actually. ;) At least now I know that for sure one person read it and didn’t melt from boredom.

    (it was rather long. :p )

    And Happy Generally-Inclusive-Seasonal-Holiday Wishmas to you too. :)

    Waves and smiles, from

    Lubyanka. :)

  4. Tom Allen says:

    Hah! That was interesting.

    I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but it bears repeating: Baby oil is a good lubricant, and so is silicone lube. However, oil-based lubes are much harder to clean, especially when one can’t reach the little nooks and crannies that folded skin provides. Bacteria, urine, and sweat can build up.

    I found it was better to use a viscous water-based lotion (I like Gold Bond products) because they will rinse out with a hot shower or bath.

  5. Ok, one moment please, just googling “Gold Bond”….

    Please hold the line, your call is important to us.


  6. Hello Tom,

    Thank you, that sounds like a really important tip. It looks like our pump bottle of Liquid Silk will prove even more versatile in use than we thought when we first got it. :) Since Liquid Silk is water based (apparently with a small bit of silicone in it) that should do the trick.

    I’ll monitor the situation to watch for problems such as you described. Thanks for the alert, and personally delivered, too! Much appreciated. :)

    Best regards,

    Lubyanka. :)

  7. Jeff says:

    Lady Lubyanka:
    Great job and care in fitting your sub with the control he needs and will come to rely on.From the beginning you addressed the problem with a fact finding mission.You choose the best first CD by picking the curve.Your sub is well endowed and will require the larger cage.When you replace the hinged cuffing ring with a solid ring and require your sub to be smooth shaved you will have lead him to the “comfortable” promised land.

    Jeff Ohio/USA

  8. Kvetch may possibly be making an appointment with my waxer for the hair issue. ;)

    As for the ring, I’m going to wait and see, as the hinge is not causing any difficulties at the moment.

    Best regards,

    Lubyanka. :)

  9. Cowbridge says:

    Just found your blog on a link from a yahoo group.

    Wondering whether you’ve got some updates – I’ve not yet got round to navigating your blog generally.

    I assume you’ve still got him well under lock and key…..

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  11. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed your article. I am also a submissive male who enjoys being teased and denied. I have an internal chastity device that slips into the uretha about 5 inches. it attaches to a brass cock ring behind the balls by a thin rod that runs underneath the penis and connects at the tip and is locked with a small padlock. The internal rod is curved preventing a full erection. There is some discomfort in inserting the device but it is comfortable after insertion.I have worn it up to about 5 hours. This allows lots of contact with the penis for my mistress. The unit is sold by Fantasy Leatherworks on line. you and Kvetch might like it.

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