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  Last night for the first time in I-can’t-remember-how-long, I attended a social event in my local BDSM scene!   Excitement!   :) Some of you will already be aware of my experiences with the administrators of most of my … Continue reading

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Blogiversary The Third

  I should really set an alarm.   13 April has snuck up on me again and as of yesterday it’s been  three whole years  since I first started this blog. Gosh! Just to bring you up to speed, here’s … Continue reading

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Advisory For Women – Blue Ireland Magazine

  Image © 2010   I was recently contacted by somebody called Andrew Booth from a not-yet-published magazine called  Blue Ireland.   He said he was  “coordinating the journalistic side of the magazine”  and requested an interview with me … Continue reading

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Correspondence I Like

  Despite previous evidence to the contrary, you’ll be glad to hear that I do occasionally enjoy friendly, respectful, and just plain  nice  correspondence with other members of my local BDSM community.   Recently I received such an email relating … Continue reading

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Still Confused?

  Here’s a summary and the latest updates.   21 August, 10:23 IST  –  A member of the Irish BDSM scene whom I have never met and never had any contact with before initiates contact with me by joining and … Continue reading

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More Parroting

  sparkle8faery apparently had a few things to say after my last post. For somebody who said they would have happily answered me if I’d emailed them with any questions, she seems quite reluctant herself to do so.   I … Continue reading

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Group Report And Parroted Fantasies

  sparkle8faery has left a comment on my Confused? post. In that message, she makes several statements:   “sheesh lubyanka, if you had just emailed me i would have happily answered” “making a big deal out of nothing on your … Continue reading

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