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The Fruit Will Prevail

  Whilst we’re in the neighbourhood of banana topics, I thought I’d share this fun t-shirt thingy I got last year:       And by the way, kvetch has a matching one.   It says:   bananaslut   He … Continue reading

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Ring Bell For Service (and comfort)

  For quite some time, kvetch had been noodging me to get a bell, so I can ring for him when I want him.   I’d been resisting, partly because I thought I’d get tired of hearing the bell sound … Continue reading

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Identifying the Worthless Worm

I know, this topic is old, just like the last one, and the one before. But still, I have stuff to say about it. And it’s my blog, so I can say what I like, even if it has mould … Continue reading

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Prostate Milking – The Movie

Ok, this is it, you’re nearly there!     The Final Lead Up To The Cool Part   Ok, we’re coming up to the part where the dominants can really enjoy themselves. All that stuff before is all part of … Continue reading

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Introduction To Prostate Milking

  Welcome to my resource on prostate milking. “Prostate milking” is a term commonly used to refer to the erotic, recreational  (e.g. not for medical purposes),  non-orgasmic variant of prostate massage, especially between people of the BDSM-ish persuasion who incorporate … Continue reading

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Please Or Be Pleased?

I was reading some posts in a femdom-themed yahoo group I’m in, and I noticed some things which came together in my mind, about submissive men who express desires to please their partner or dominant. The observations I refer to … Continue reading

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The Wizard Of Oz, On The Big Screen, With The RTÉ Concert Orchestra

Having been most fragrantly fooded as described in my previous post, we headed out towards The Helix, which is a venue on the campus of Dublin City University (the same DCU mentioned in the spiffy graffiti I posted about earlier) … Continue reading

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