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Head In The Clouds

  I notice that I’ve never done a film review on this blog before.   I guess that’s kind of strange because even though I dislike going to the cinema  (the volume is way too loud and the bright lights … Continue reading

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Punishing And Punishments

  I note with some amazement that apparently I have never written in this blog about my punishment policy.   This policy is at the forefront of my mind lots and lots, so I’m genuinely surprised to notice that of … Continue reading

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‘Submission Is A Gift’ – The Rant

  I appreciate that anybody who suffers from self-esteem issues can choose something about themselves which is outside their jurisdiction  (such as sexual orientation or BDSM preferences)  and big it up all nice and juicy so they can feel better. … Continue reading

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‘Submission Is A Gift’ – The Definition

  submission is a gift   | səb•ˈmɪʃ•ən ɪz ə ˈgɪft |   idiom   A phrase in BDSM expressing support for the following beliefs: Fulfilling negotiated and agreed relationship arrangements is an extra bonus feature Consensual bottoming in relationships … Continue reading

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From Cane To Pain – Emailery Out-Takes

  These messages, posted to a local mailing list, reveal the story of some canes being conceived, made, used, and something about how people were involved in the project. I thought they were quite amuseworthy as well as interesting in … Continue reading

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