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Responsibility Expoundathon

  I’ve had quite a few problems with people who persistently abdicate and/or misattribute responsibility.   Mostly due to these problems, I’ve formulated a certain view of human responsibility. I’ve spend a super goodly amount of time considering this view, … Continue reading

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Polyamory Compatibility Questionnaire

  This set of questions was created by and for polyamorous people as a self-exploration and partnership compatibility guide.   The point of the questionnaire is to help polyamorous people to: establish potential compatibility with new partners narrow down and … Continue reading

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Head In The Clouds

  I notice that I’ve never done a film review on this blog before.   I guess that’s kind of strange because even though I dislike going to the cinema  (the volume is way too loud and the bright lights … Continue reading

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Wearing Purple

  On 20 October, I wore purple. Now, I’m sure all you smart people have already noticed that I don’t normally share my day-to-day outfit colour choices with you.   So why this time? Well, 20 October was a special … Continue reading

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BDSM Dating – The Rant

  When re-creating my BDSM dating guide I was primarily aiming to help men who genuinely seek longer-term social partnerships with women.   And why did I create that guide?   Because my own most disagreeable dating experiences showed me … Continue reading

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Handy Tips For Dating Ads

  During some updates I’ve been working on, I wanted to link to a men’s guide to creating dating profiles more likely to attract women, and I noticed I didn’t have one! Oops. So here it is, and now I … Continue reading

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The Compliment Minefield

  Today’s post is mostly about my thoughts on compliments, with a side order of the musical delights of pianist Eamonn Monahan. I mentioned in my recent self-outing post that I spent the weekend of May 1st at the Berkeley … Continue reading

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