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Punishing And Punishments

  I note with some amazement that apparently I have never written in this blog about my punishment policy.   This policy is at the forefront of my mind lots and lots, so I’m genuinely surprised to notice that of … Continue reading

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Speaking Out Against Myself – My Crappiness

  I’ve been feeling really depressed lately.   I’ve been physically uncomfortable and my morale has been low.   The crap I’ve been receiving in recent weeks has not been helping to raise my perkiness factor at all either. And … Continue reading

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Yumminess – Sullivan Walsh

  In the midst of all of my current unpleasantness, I’d like to share a bit of new and improved yumminess. I got a lovely email from a reader in Brooklyn, New York City, expressing some positive feedback about my … Continue reading

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The Nightmare Journey From Hell

No matter how much a person denies their culpability, how long-term their involvement with kink, how prestigious their job is  (or how incessantly they brag about it),  no matter how womanly they are or how good their intentions  –  none of that can EVER exempt a person from being an abusive fuck. Continue reading

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BDSM Horror Stories In Ireland

  This is my appeal to any readers in the North or the Republic of Ireland. I would be very interested in hearing from anybody out there who has personally experienced any unpleasantness directly relating to the bdsmireland yahoo group … Continue reading

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Eager To Learn – The Rant

  Eager to learn is a phrase I come across a lot.   I don’t know if it similarly turns up as frequently in other places, but I do know that I often encounter it in kink circles.   And … Continue reading

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Eager To Learn

  ea•ger to learn |ˈigər tə lərn| adjective   (of self-referencing inexperienced kinky male bottoms) a euphemism used to covertly express a strong and impatient desire for sexual gratification, primarily via physical participation in a specific and distinctive set of … Continue reading

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