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BDSM Dating – The Rant

  When re-creating my BDSM dating guide I was primarily aiming to help men who genuinely seek longer-term social partnerships with women.   And why did I create that guide?   Because my own most disagreeable dating experiences showed me … Continue reading

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Blue Ireland – The Saga Continues

  Remember those solicitations I got from  Blue Ireland  magazine?   Well, after my first post and a rather puzzling comment on it, I got an even more puzzling and self-contradictory message from another, different  Blue Ireland  magazine staff member. … Continue reading

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Continuingness Update

  I published my Continuingness post on 11 May 2010 at 17:38  (09:38 Blogger time).   I heard nothing from the bloggist I was addressing.   In case the blogger hadn’t seen that I had honoured their request for feedback … Continue reading

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  Further to my Super Deluxe Rant with special features, I see that the status quo continues apace.     More Status Quo On 09 May 2010 at 09:30, my previously referenced blogger wrote: “SINCE I’M RECEIVING NO RESPONSE ANYMORE … Continue reading

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Super Deluxe Rant

  You know, I haven’t had a really good rantathon in quite awhile.   And guess what?   Here’s a brand spanking new one for your reading entertainment!   Spleen Productions Proudly Present: The  Super Deluxe Special Edition Rantfest with … Continue reading

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