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BDSM Dating – The Rant

  When re-creating my BDSM dating guide I was primarily aiming to help men who genuinely seek longer-term social partnerships with women.   And why did I create that guide?   Because my own most disagreeable dating experiences showed me … Continue reading

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Continuingness Update

  I published my Continuingness post on 11 May 2010 at 17:38  (09:38 Blogger time).   I heard nothing from the bloggist I was addressing.   In case the blogger hadn’t seen that I had honoured their request for feedback … Continue reading

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Super Deluxe Rant

  You know, I haven’t had a really good rantathon in quite awhile.   And guess what?   Here’s a brand spanking new one for your reading entertainment!   Spleen Productions Proudly Present: The  Super Deluxe Special Edition Rantfest with … Continue reading

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Still Confused?

  Here’s a summary and the latest updates.   21 August, 10:23 IST  –  A member of the Irish BDSM scene whom I have never met and never had any contact with before initiates contact with me by joining and … Continue reading

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More Parroting

  sparkle8faery apparently had a few things to say after my last post. For somebody who said they would have happily answered me if I’d emailed them with any questions, she seems quite reluctant herself to do so.   I … Continue reading

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