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Status Update – Some Redecoration Around Here

  This is a status report, just to let you all know what’s going on.   You see, I’m doing a bit of redecorating around here, and I thought I’d better say something just in case you thought you’d come … Continue reading

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Yummy Easy Tuna Thing

  I made an easy yummy tuna pasta thing!   General Recipe Stuff Preparation time  –  Approximately 25 minutes Serves  –  1 very hungry adult, or 2 as a goodly-sized snack   Ingredients +/-100g small pasta shapes  (I used Gancetti … Continue reading

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One Day In July

  In the usual course of my life, I frequently travel between Dublin and Belfast.   On one of my July trips kvetch was unable to come with me as he sometimes does.   I thought it might be fun … Continue reading

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A Foody Interval

  On 19 April 2009, with much aplomb, and pomp, and also circumstance  (as you do),  I led  Team Grrr  to Yamamori Sushi.   Just so you know,  Team Grrr  is a Team, which Grrrs.   It’s one of my … Continue reading

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Workshopness Report

  Well,  Elementary Floggage  went pretty well, and a good time was had by all. Yay!   :) So here’s some juicy details …     After expressing her enthusiasm and booking her place, I was surprised and disappointed to … Continue reading

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Bigging Up The Aeropress

  It’s time to talk coffee.   This post is coffee-centric.   More particularly, I would like to focus on one specific coffee gadget.   And even more particularly than that, I want to focus on the Aeropress. In addition … Continue reading

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A Taste Of Vanilla – Desktop Backgrounds

  This post is just a bit more vanilla than my usual efforts.   (possibly also duller, but never mind.   :)   )   This is also one of my more abbreviated constructions, detailing how the some of the … Continue reading

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