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May Noisiness

  May was a noisy month.   Nature was noisy.   We had wind, lots and lots of wind.   We also had rain, thunder, and birds getting into some serious competitive oratorio. We also had helicopters.   Oy, did … Continue reading

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April Bird Serenade

  In my recent theme of early morning stupid o’clockness  (but in a change to the the recent visual media),  here’s a stupid o’clockish audio recording I made this morning at, well, stupid o’clock.   :p My original intention was … Continue reading

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Foggy Sunrise

  Dublin – Friday 8 April, 2011, 05:50h Seagulls over rooftops at sunrise on a very foggy spring morning.    

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2 March 2011 – Dawn over Dublin

  2 March 2011 06:57  –  Just before sunrise.   The Millennium Spire is on the left. Good morning, Dublin.   :)    

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February 2011

  Thursday, 24 February 2011, 06:40h  –  Dawn over Dublin.     It was the beginning of a stunningly beautiful day.   :)  

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