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Polyamory Compatibility Questionnaire

  This set of questions was created by and for polyamorous people as a self-exploration and partnership compatibility guide.   The point of the questionnaire is to help polyamorous people to: establish potential compatibility with new partners narrow down and … Continue reading

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Wearing Purple

  On 20 October, I wore purple. Now, I’m sure all you smart people have already noticed that I don’t normally share my day-to-day outfit colour choices with you.   So why this time? Well, 20 October was a special … Continue reading

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  For fun and usefulness, here’s a new word for all those polyamorists who were missing a word to describe their committed affection to and admiration for oiled people. Tah dahhhh!   :)     oil•y•am•or•y | ˌoɪlɪ ˈæmɔrɪ | … Continue reading

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Validation – The Definition

  I needed an easy page to link to which concisely describes my idea of what validation is  (without all the ranting and other stuff). So here it is.   :) I’ve defined validation before, but I’d like to modify … Continue reading

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Consent – The Definition

  I’ve had a great many difficulties finding straightforward, comprehensive, concise and universally applicable definitions of  consent  on the web.   I’ve also had  (probably related)  difficulties with other people’s ideas of consent conflicting with mine.   So I thought … Continue reading

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