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May Noisiness

  May was a noisy month.   Nature was noisy.   We had wind, lots and lots of wind.   We also had rain, thunder, and birds getting into some serious competitive oratorio. We also had helicopters.   Oy, did … Continue reading

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April Bird Serenade

  In my recent theme of early morning stupid o’clockness  (but in a change to the the recent visual media),  here’s a stupid o’clockish audio recording I made this morning at, well, stupid o’clock.   :p My original intention was … Continue reading

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The Weather Report

  And now … only two days late, here is …   The Weather Report  for Tuesday, 15 February, 2011.    

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Blogiversary The Third

  I should really set an alarm.   13 April has snuck up on me again and as of yesterday it’s been  three whole years  since I first started this blog. Gosh! Just to bring you up to speed, here’s … Continue reading

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Recording Foley – Relax Now

  During the course of creating my spleencast, I’ve developed an interest in foley.   As part of my efforts to gain experience and improve my skills, I’ve been working on adding some sound effects to some of Lady Julia‘s … Continue reading

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