Status Update – Some Redecoration Around Here

As I indicated above, the header image of this post is the same one I’ve had for three and a half years, updated with minor tweaks in October 2010.   I think the new one is  waaaayyyyyyyy  lots prettier.

A potted history:

  • April 2007 – Started blog with K2-lite theme
  • October 2007 – Used first version of this header in the Cutline theme
  • October 2010 – Resized previous header to fit the Twenty-Ten theme
  • March 2011 – Updated header with original and new elements


More detailed history:

K2-Lite Custom Header 1
I started this blog in April 2007 using the K2-lite theme.
K2-Lite Custom Header 2
I made my first blog header incorporating my electric violin, floggers and myself in June 2007.   After playing around with different headers for a few months, I first introduced what was to become my long-standing header when I changed over to the Cutline theme in October 2007.
Cutline Custom Header
Suddenly and without warning, Cutline was replaced with the quite different Coraline theme, and Cutline is now no longer available on   Fortunately I’d been planning a theme migration even before the Cutline theme was changed out from under me.   So in October 2010 I changed themes to Twenty-Ten, and uploaded a resized version of my existing custom header image.
Twenty Ten Custom Header 1
As part of my overall behind-the-scenes blog updatingfest  (ongoing since May 2010),  I took new pictures of my floggers and violin, played with them in Inkscape, and created what I think is a way prettier and more cohesive image.
Twenty Ten Custom Header 2
Now after three and a half years with the same header image, I’ve got what I think is an amazing new one!   As you can see it still has my electric violin, floggers and me, but I also included Irving  (my rubber chicken)  and a sandwich  (courtesy of the Amiens Street branch of  The Pig & Heifer)  because, well, considering how largely those elements feature in my life and on this blog, I thought they should  definitely  have some more prominent representation here.   :p
Twenty Ten Custom Header 3
I’ve also updated my Bannerfest page with all new pretty banner thingys.   So if you want to you can check that shit out.   :p

And that, gentle readers, was a brief history of the appearance of this blog.   Knowing you’re out there does a whole lot to help me keep it going.   So thank you all for reading, for giving me a voice to express myself, and for giving me such cool numbers to look at on my stats page.   You rock.   :)

Enjoy my new look on teh intarwebz!   :)

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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