Sock Puppet Update 6

5 March 2009 – dunravin2002’s Oldest Post Is Mysteriously Gone

5 March 2009 – dunravin2002’s oldest post is mysteriously gone.

Today, whilst I was checking for updates on my recent posts, I captured this screenshot of the new and different result in my bdsmireland yahoo group search for posts signed by  dunravin2002.   My initial search as you saw, yielded the post from 2004, whilst even the direct URL to the post now yields only a message that this post does not exist in bdsmireland.

Members of the bdsmireland yahoo group may contact me if they’re interested in seeing the original, unobscured version of this image.   Oh, oops, sorry, since there is no longer anything to obscure, nobody will need to contact me to see the original, unobscured version of this image.

In future, I may publish the original, unobscured image of this non-existent post, because I find the contents quite interesting and relevant.

After originally capturing these screenshots, I sat back and waited to see what would happen next.

And sure enough, as you’ve seen, lots of somethings did happen next.

I’m sure even more stuff will be forthcoming.

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